Why is Gary Neville Glazer pushing to sell Manchester United

Gary Neville invites Glazer to be next as Ed Woodward resigns from Manchester United

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has launched another plea for the Glazers to sell the club and end their 17-year ownership.

This is the latest plea from Neville, who has recently become vocal about his displeasure at seeing Glazers own the club and make a series of poor decisions.

Neville has become publicly vocal about the situation over the past few years and it escalated after it was revealed that the family was deeply implicated behind breakaway Europa League plans in April 2021.

Now, he has expressed his anger at seeing Real Madrid reveal his incredible plans on the field, and he wants the Glazers to go as a result.

Neville asks Glazers to sell it

Real Madrid shared a video on their social media about the renovations of the Santiago Bernabéu, providing an aerial photo of the stadium’s reconstruction.

Neville tweeted the video clip and asked the Glazer family, led by Joel and Avram, to sell the club: “To Joel and Avram. Stop delaying the inevitable and sell now.”

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at the Glazers is that they have been unwilling to invest in Old Trafford and have left it to decay since they took over the club in 2005.

Compared to other major English and European stadiums such as the Etihad Stadium in Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur in north London, Old Trafford has fallen behind.

There were reports of pitches leaking from the roof a few years ago, and that was an embarrassingly low point for the famous grounds as well as the football club.

Criticism and protests against the Glazers have recently escalated as Manchester United’s dwindling performance has resulted in many calling for their unwillingness to invest their own money.

There were protests organized in their last home game against Liverpool, and further protests are scheduled for their next home game against Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.

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