Manchester United transfer news: Sunderland’s loan from Imad Diallo is another blow to his faltering career

Emad Diallo Man United 2022-23

Emad Diallo appears likely to head to Sunderland on loan, with Manchester United in advanced talks with the Championship team.

Signed in January 2020 for €21 million from Serie A club Atalanta, Emad was considered a wonder, despite failing to play more than a few minutes for the Italian club.

He justified his price and the hype that initially surrounded him with some great performances in his early days at Old Trafford. However, since then, the Ivory Coast international midfielder has failed to establish himself as any kind of strength at Manchester United.

Emad played only 68 minutes of a meaningless draw in the Champions League with Young Boys last season with the Red Devils and did not even participate in the League Cup due to injury. He was transferred on loan to Rangers in January but again was only used as a secondary player for the Scottish Premier League runners-up.

Now that he’s back at Manchester United, his career faces a crossroads. With Eric Ten Hag not using him at all this season, a loan is inevitable, but while the 20-year-old may have wanted a move to another Premier League club, he faces relegation in the Championship.

Emad’s condition deteriorated

Imad Diallo plays for Rangers

Imad Diallo plays for Rangers

The transfers revealed that Aston Villa doubt they have the potential to succeed in the Premier League – which is quite a statement given Villa’s struggles and Amad’s transfer fee – and instead it is second-tier clubs who are looking at him.

Even going down to what would be considered a setback for a player who made such a strong start at Old Trafford, but the real possibility of failure means any move is precarious. Sure enough, Emad was more expected at Rangers, scoring three goals in 13 games but never winning fans after withdrawing at halftime on his Old Firm debut.

His problems are reflected in the depreciation of his transfer. FootballTransfers now values ​​him at just €1m – a significant drop from its peak estimate of €14m and even more than what Manchester United paid for.

Wherever Emad goes when he leaves Manchester United this summer, he has to work hard to ensure his success, or else this could be a blow he can’t recover from.

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