‘Liverpool don’t panic’, while Manchester United and Chelsea rush for late signings

Anthony, Ajax, 23/2022

Ben Jacobs, CBS transfer expert, explains at FootballTransfers the difference Liverpool make in the transfer market, compared to Manchester United and Chelsea.

With only three days left in the transfer window, the three clubs are still searching for new deals.

Liverpool are looking for a midfielder after a string of injuries early in the 2022-23 season.

Meanwhile, both Manchester United and Chelsea are expected to spend money heavily in the final hours, as their teams and squads remain largely unfinished.

But Jacobs makes clear that while Liverpool will only spend if they can get one of their primary targets at the right price, Manchester United and Chelsea are much less strict in how they do their deals and are happy to jump from goal to goal. At more inflated prices.

Liverpool do not panic

“Liverpool’s recruitment department operates discreetly, they work discreetly and they work wisely,” Jacobs explained.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool, 2022/23

“There are a bunch of different KPIs and they are not in a rush, they are not panicking and because they are happy with what they have got – as Jürgen Klopp said – they will only move on to a player if he is a relatively young shortlist and they can get that name at the right price.

“If they can’t move on and they’ll still be happy with their business this summer. That’s what differentiates Liverpool from Manchester United and Chelsea. Man United have found a late budget and are struggling to add numbers, while Chelsea have a lot of expenses and need to bring in people.

“At Liverpool they are calm, they are considered. They know because of injuries that if they can find the right midfielder they will move.

“But if nothing comes up, I don’t expect them to panic buying later in the window because that’s not what Liverpool do.”

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