How does Wilfried Zaha compare to Hakim Ziyech?

Wilfried Zaha

Chelsea are said to be interested in a move to Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha, with only one year left on his contract at Selhurst Park.

The Blues could also lose Hakim Ziyech in the coming days as the Moroccan receives interest from Ajax, who consider him a replacement for Anthony.

Chelsea have been keen to improve in attack after losing out to Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku over the course of the season, targeting Zaha in recent days out the window.

With that said, how do Zia and Ziyech compare over the past year, and would Chelsea make a sensible decision to let the ex-Ajax man go to bring Crystal Palace forward?

Compare Zaha Bazykh

Starting from the best metric, in terms of goals, Ziyech scored eight goals and assisted six last season, while Zaha scored 15 goals and assisted four, which showed that the latter had more offensive capabilities during the last season.

Then to key assists per game, last season Zaha contributed 0.49, compared to Ziyech’s 0.91, which indicates that the Chelsea player shows more creativity.

Ziyech also tends to create more aerial goals, averaging 2.8 crosses per game, compared to Zaha’s 1.38, although factors must be taken into account because Zaha played more minutes.

In terms of dribbling, the two are quite similar, with Ziyech completing 57 percent of dribbling, while Zaha completing 56 percent.

Despite this, Zaha’s average dribbles are seven per game, while Ziyech’s averages about half that number at 3.8, showing that the Ivorian is much happier to get ahead and tackle the players with the ball.

In terms of shots, Ziyech tends to try more, averaging 2.3 per match, compared to Zayah’s 1.7 – the Moroccan tends to score more and from a greater distance as well.

It remains to be seen what Chelsea do in the rest of the window, but they have two good options here and it would be worth looking at both.

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