Haaland terrifies the English Premier League coaches

Erling Haaland celebrates his hat-trick for Man City against Palace

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has made a great start in the club’s life, scoring six goals in his first four Premier League games.

He started with a double against West Ham United in his first match, before scoring against Newcastle on the return and adding to it a wonderful hat-trick against Crystal Palace.

The teams made plans to stop Haaland, but nothing has worked so far, and he contributed to scoring a goal in every game he played for his club this season.

According to The Telegraph, managers are now taking various measures to stop Haaland, including getting help from each other.

Competitors are terrified of Haaland

The report notes that the principals are calling out to each other to talk about how dangerous Haaland is, afraid of what he could do and what they plan to do in order to stop him.

They acknowledge his physical qualities and technical ability, which has already caused a lot of chaos and has been stunned by the start he has made in the Premier League.

Haaland coach Pep Guardiola is already impressed by what he sees, and the Catalan coach’s praise for him goes beyond the Norwegian’s goals for his club.

“It’s not just about the goals, it’s how happy he is. I see his behavior and his body language. You care about the players’ body language and he’s always in the right place,” Guardiola said after the Crystal Palace match.

“It is very difficult [for a striker who is not in the game]That’s why I’m impressed. He’s always there, cheering the players up and putting in an incredible effort. He knows it’s coming. He has an incredible sense of it.”

There was a lot of doubt over whether Haaland would be able to break through in the Premier League, but his start has proven he certainly can, and he’s on track for big numbers this season.

Manchester City are the dominant force in the league, as evidenced by the past few years, and adding a player like Haaland makes them even better.

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