Benjamin Mendy trial: Woman wanted to sue Man City and defender after ‘predator kept playing’

Warning – Contains graphic details of the alleged crimes.

A court heard a woman allege sexually assaulting Manchester City left-back Benjamin Mendy, and she had wanted to sue the defender and Premier League champion.

The third woman, who we cannot identify for legal reasons, says Mendy grabbed her vagina at a party at his Cheshire home in January 2021.

On Tuesday at Crown Court in Chester, it claimed the defender was a “predator” and that it was considering legal action against his club because “the letter was about being allowed to play when he puts another life in danger”.

The alleged incident involving the third woman occurred in the early hours of 2 January 2021, less than 48 hours before Manchester City’s Premier League match against Chelsea in London on 3 January, for which Mr Mendy was an unused substitute.

Mendy was first arrested on November 11, 2020, and was suspended by Manchester City in August 2021 after he was charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

While questioning Mr. Mundy’s lawyer, Eleanor Luz, the third woman was told that she had told police after the alleged incident, “Let him play, I’ll sue him.”

She agreed with that assertion and added, “I do agree and the reason for using those words is that if it was stopped before the party on New Years Eve, what happened to me would never have happened, and what had happened to anyone else wouldn’t have happened either.”

When asked who she refers to, the third woman said, “To all the others.”

Mr. Mendy is charged with eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault. He denies all charges.

Last week, the court heard that the third woman and the second woman, who allege that Mr Mindy raped her vaginally, anally and orally, are acquaintances and were on a break in Wales together in 2019, prior to any of the alleged incidents.

Mendy’s defense pointed to the second woman and asked the third woman if she was willing to sue the linebacker and his club because she alleged she had been inappropriately touched on her clothes, to which she replied, “No (it was) because they let the predator continue to play and endanger the other girls.”

When asked what she wanted to get in return, the third woman said, “It wasn’t about getting anything from him, the message was about letting him play when he put another life at risk, like what happened to (second woman). What happened to me wasn’t Nothing compared to what happened to the other girls, I know that.”

Three women have confirmed that they have never initiated legal proceedings against Manchester City or Mr Mendy. While being questioned by the prosecution, QC Timothy Cray explained that she made the comments because she was angry “He is still allowed to go out as usual, train, play games, go to clubs, go to parties, as if there was nothing wrong, like she had done nothing wrong.” “.

During questioning of witnesses, the court was shown a video clip taken in the early hours of January 2, in which several women were seen dancing with Mendy’s partner Luis Saha Matori, and Mendy.

Mr. Matori is accused of eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault. He denies all charges.

Several guests at the party were seen inhaling the contents of the balloons, and the “third woman” dancing near Mr. Mindy at the end of the two-minute video.

The defense told “The Third Woman” that the video was taken after the alleged assault and that she was happy to dance alongside the defendant, in contradiction to her previous statements.

“I was at a party I share with everyone,” said a woman of three. Regarding the timing of the video, she replied: I cannot answer this question. I can’t tell you what time this video was filmed. I also don’t remember the time I was assaulted.”

The court also heard a mutual friend of the second woman and the third woman, who introduced them in 2019 and spoke to each separately after the alleged incidents.

Recalling her conversation with the third woman about the alleged sexual assault, the friend said, “When (the third woman) mentioned that she was a soccer player, I asked who it was because I thought about (the second woman) and what happened to her.”

When the friend was asked to identify the soccer player in question, he told her that the third woman told her, “It was Benjamin Mendy.”

“When she told me what happened and who it was, I told her what happened to (the second woman),” she added.

The trial is continuing.

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