Arsenal retain top spot in the Premier League after beating Fulham – live stream

August 27 2022 It’s 3:36 pm EDT

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Arsenal weren’t at their best, but they were still able to get the job done against a newly promoted Fulham side. It’s been another 90 minutes of excellent football in the Premier League, and there is plenty more in the next few weeks and months.

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Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 3:21 pm EDT

We deserved a lot from the match – Silva

It would be a huge blow for Fulham if nothing came out of a game in which they played a great part. And while the stats suggest Arsenal were completely in control, that dominance only came after Mitrovic fired the guest up front. Silva was keen to take the positives out of his side show.

“All credit goes to my players; their commitment, behavior and organization from the first moment to the last minute,” the Fulham boss told Sky Sports. “We were better on the ball in the second half than in the first half, in the first half we didn’t get the ball as much as we would have liked.

“We knew that in the second half over time we would have time to get the ball, and more space as well. We planned for it and it happened as we expected and they definitely deserved a lot of the game.”

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 3:15 p.m. EDT

Arteta: It’s really good to win in the face of adversity

Arteta smashed onto the touchline when he netted two Arsenal goals and it was a very interesting afternoon for him and his team. After the match, he told Sky Sports: “Obviously winning like that is also really nice, when you feel those ordeals during the game after controlling the game and overcoming it.

“I only hoped it was a matter of time and suddenly we made a huge mistake and they punished us. But how we dealt with adversity, the connection with these supporters and the atmosphere we created. The mentality we showed.”

He was then asked about Gabriel’s response to the error that led to the opening goal being scored.

Arteta replied: “It shows his personality and shows he is elusive.” “He’s changed, he’s changed his mindset, the way he looks at himself and I’m really happy because that’s when you have to show that; in the tough moments.”

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 3:04 p.m. EDT

How did it feel to be on the court, James?

Our James McConcholas was playing the cheerleader today instead of the journalist and he was very impressed with the atmosphere created by the local fans.

Here is what he said on his way out of the Emirates.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 3:00 p.m. EDT

FPL update

It was an age to forget Jesus from an FPL perspective as he was booked before being substituted late in the match. However, a lot of his teammates have come out with good winnings – here are the players with the most points (before bonus points are added):

eight points – Gabriel

seven points – Odegaard

six points – Mitrovic

five points – crossAnd the saka

And at the moment, players are awarded a share of bonus points:

three points – Odegaard

2 points – cross

one point – Gabriel & Mitrovic

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:52 pm EDT

Lots of likes for Fulham fans

While it ultimately didn’t yield any points, it was another great performance by Silva. Another day, they might have been out of the Emirates with a point, or maybe three.

As Peter says, there is a lot to like about this team.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:51 pm EDT

Mitrovic says he is happy to score but sad with the result

Mitrovic brought 100 goals in a Fulham shirt when he broke the tie in the second half. Although he was still very frustrated to see his team wasting his lead by a single goal.

“I’m really happy with the goal but as I said before the game the most important thing is the team,” he told Sky Sports. “I’m happy with the goal but really sad about the result and everything that happened.

“For the striker it is really important to be on the list of goals, I was again today. I am really happy with my level, I really feel comfortable on the pitch, I feel good in this team and I hope to keep doing that. Work to help the team.”

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 Time 2:41 PM EDT

Odegaard: It feels great

It was Odegaard. By far, the outstanding player throughout the match. It was his goal that set Arsenal on his way to another important win and he spoke to Sky Sports right after the match.

“It was fantastic,” said the Arsenal captain. “We knew it was going to be a tough game against this team, it’s a very strong and great team to get the three points. We fought and showed great spirit, it’s a great feeling.

“I think we played really well in the first half but missed a goal. Then we were a bit unlucky but that’s football, that happens and then the job of the team is to raise it [Gabriel] Once again he showed great character to come back and score the winning goal.”

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 Time 2:37 PM EDT

Post-match stats pack

A quick look at some key stats from an exciting match in the UAE.

shots: 11-22

Shots on goal: 8-3

xG: 2.47-0.68

Touches in the opposite penalty area: 52:14

Property: 72%-28%

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 Time 2:27 PM EDT

Arsenal returns to the top of the English Premier League table with a 2-1 victory!

Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

It was by no means outdated for Arsenal, but he did have another three points on the board. They had to do it the hard way after Mitrovic opened the scoring after Gabriel’s foul. Although the Brazilian defender was able to redeem himself with a winning goal after Odegaard regained parity.

Great performance from Fulham but their hard work was in vain in the end.

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Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 At 2:24 pm EDT

Arsenal held strong to seal victory

90+6′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

The extra five minutes announced at the start have passed but we will have at least a couple more after the break in play to treat Gabriel.

So far Arsenal have held out but Fulham keep knocking on the door.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:20 pm EDT

Head battle brings a rare moment of calm

90 + 3′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

Some of Arsenal’s very tense defenses were brought to an end by a sharp clash between Decordova-Reid and Gabriel. If nothing else, it means we will have more than five minutes above 90.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 At 2:19 pm EDT

Injury time is five minutes

90 + 1′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

Five more minutes stand between Arsenal and a valuable victory. They have come under increasing pressure since they were taken up front by a very enthusiastic Fulham side.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 At 2:18 pm EDT

Replacing Titi cost Fulham with his foothold

90′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

The decision to replace Tite with Mbabo proved to be a bad one from Silva. The Swiss right-back was completely unable to adapt to the pace of the game and was intimidated by Odegaard, Nketiah and most importantly Martinelli.

After Titi treated him well before being replaced, the question arises as to why he was replaced.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:15 p.m. EDT

The goal is standing!

88′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

After a fairly quick VAR scan, it’s clear that nothing is working and the target is up. Leno definitely wouldn’t want to see him again.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:13 pm EDT

Gabriel corrects a previous mistake and stabs Arsenal in the foreground!

86′ Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

Huge goal and who is better than Gabriel to score? After a series of really bad corners, Martinelli bends one in right on the money and Leno can’t quite take it off the air. The former Arsenal goalkeeper went to the ground and Gabriel stabbed the loose ball.

But there is a VAR scan…

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:10 pm EDT

Bitmap misses two massive opportunities!

83 ‘Arsenal 1-1 Fulham

Nketiah certainly made an impact since coming on earlier in the second half, but he really should have put Arsenal ahead. First, he was only able to find Leno’s hands when he was well positioned inside the Fulham penalty area before missing another great opportunity a minute later.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:07 pm EDT

Odegaard pulls all the strings

79′ Arsenal 1-1 Fulham

The majority of Arsenal’s players weren’t at their best this afternoon but Odegaard was excellent. His goal, though a bit lucky, was totally worth his performance and has been all over the place since he called off Mitrovic’s opener.

Meanwhile, Mbabo and Diop are playing for Fulham in place of Tite – who played brilliantly – and Pereira.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

August 27 2022 It’s 2:03 pm EDT

Can either side find the winning goal?

75′ Arsenal 1-1 Fulham

Since my last update, normal service has been somewhat resumed. Arsenal see the vast majority of the ball while Fulham remain very assertive behind the ball.

In the meantime, the following submarines have been conducted since entering the first target;

Arsenal: Nketia against Tierney.

Fulham: Kearney is ready for Kebanu.

Ed McKee

Ed McKee

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