All-Star Premier League game: Choose your north and south starting Xls

Harry Kane, Erling Haaland, Gabriel jesus and Mohaned Salah
Who would you choose for an All-Star north vs . south Leading League game?

New Chelsea owner Todd Boehly thinks a US-design ‘all-star game’ would be a very good plan for the Premier League – but which gamers would you select in your starting up XIs if the match ever grew to become a actuality?

At a meeting in New York, Boehly gave his views on how the English top flight can take a “small little bit of a lesson from American sports”.

A person suggestion is a ‘north versus south’ match, so now is your prospect to select what these line-ups could seem like.

And for the needs of this selector, we’ve grouped Midlands teams into 10 ‘north’ Premier League sides, with 10 from London and the south.

Pick out your players and formation from the lists beneath and don’t forget to share your picks across social media.

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